Working Hours :

Sunday - Thursday, 10am - 05pm

+20 10 158 67 790


  • Client:

    Allied Co.
  • Tech. Used

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress
  • Date:

    Jan 01, 2024
  • Category:

    Engineering Consulting
  • Location:

    Maadi, CAIRO - EGYPT
    DUBAI, U.A.E

Project Details

Allied Co. is a corporate website developed for AlliedCo, a global leader in Engineering Consulting. The site serves as the primary online presence for the company, showcasing its services, Projects, and corporate values. It features a modern, responsive design, ensuring seamless access across all devices.

Key Features: 1- Responsive Design: Optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop viewing. 2- Content Management System (CMS): Built on WordPress for easy content updates. 3- Interactive Elements: Includes sliders, contact forms, and interactive maps. 4- SEO Optimization: Structured content and metadata for better search engine rankings. 5- Security: SSL certificate, regular updates, and security plugins to protect against vulnerabilities.

Challenges and Solutions: Challenge: Ensuring the site remains highly responsive and fast despite heavy multimedia content. Solution: Implemented lazy loading and optimized images to enhance performance. Challenge: Creating a user-friendly CMS interface for non-technical staff. Solution: Customized WordPress dashboard and provided training for the client's team.

Visuals: Homepage: Featuring the hero section, main navigation, and key services. About Us: Company background, mission, and values. Services/Projects Pages: Detailed descriptions of services/Projects with high-quality images. Contact Page: Interactive map, contact form, and company contact details.